About Me

Hi! I’m Laurie and I’m a scattered mess. I play with code by day and by night I’m in search of a life better lived.

So, this isn’t a design blog, but there will be posts that talk about my quest to renovate/decorate my home. This isn’t a healthy living blog, but I’m trying to lose weight and get in shape and find recipes that work for someone who’s made really bad food choices for many, many years. This isn’t a fashion blog, but I love clothes, and sometimes I find something frilly and I want to show it off. And this isn’t a techie blog, but code is my life and I may share cool stuff. (I love cool stuff.)

So here you’ll find fashion, food, home decor, code, tv, movies, geekery, and probably more than a few pictures of my dog. It’s okay… he’s really cute.